Did your website get deleted, hacked or just disappear?

We can help you recover it!

Don’t delay, it’s easier to rescue a website as soon as it’s lost!

Investigation – Methods used to find and rescue your lost website

During the investigation, the CeJay Websites & Photography team in Port Charlotte, FL will research these options for rescuing your lost website.

  1. Check for existing files: If your domain was deleted, but not your hosting, then your files may still be there!
  2. Check for backup files: CeJay Websites & Photography keeps monthly backups of all our websites on cloud-based storage. Your previous developer or hosting company may have backups we can get.
  3. Check the Internet Archives: There is a service that archives all internet websites.  Depending on the age of your website, there may be an archive of it. We can locate the archive and use it to rebuild your website.
  4. Contact previous developers, website managers, employees, etc.
  5. Other methods may be available depending on the circumstances

The non-refundable fee for the investigation is $250.

How much does it cost?

Recovery costs will vary depending on the results of our investigation. After completing the investigation, CeJay Websites & Photography will provide you with an estimate. Below are the typical costs.

  • If we find existing files or backups, restoration typically costs around $500.
  • If we can recover your website from the internet archives, restoration will cost $100-$150 per page.
  • If your website was hacked or infected with malware, we cleanup typically costs around $500.

How do you get started?

  1. Contact us to discuss the situation. You can call, email or text: design@cejay.com, 941-204-0007, 941-916-2555
  2. Pay the non-refundable $250 fee for investigation.
  3. Provide the necessary credentials, such as: the login to your hosting account (or provide delegated access,) security pin, previous developer contact, etc
  4. We will research the issue within 2 business days, and let you know what we can do to rescue your lost website.
  5. We will provide you an estimate for recovery.  We request 50% of the fee up front.
  6. Your website will be recovered in about 2-7 business days, depending on the size and complexity.  Large, complex websites can take much longer.