How to Set Up and Manage Your Business Facebook

Here’s a quick list to help you get your business Facebook page off the ground in 2024.

  1. Get started here: Create a Facebook Business Page, not a personal profile – learn more.
  2. Complete your “About” page – especially your website, social links, and contact information.
  3. Profile picture: something recognizable (face, graphic).
  4. Change/update your cover photo periodically.
  5. Help with image dimensions: Facebook image guidelines.
  6. Claim your Facebook vanity URL – after 25 likes.
  7. Post a few pictures and videos in the Photo area – then put more in your posts.
  8. Add custom tabs in your account – use as a custom landing page.
  9. Respond: Earn the “Very responsive to messages” badge (respond to 90% of your fans within 15 minutes during the last 7 days) and “Typically replies within an hour”. Nothing shows if you are not responsive.
  10. Add Milestones (your business awards and major events) – posted on Timeline then later under the About page. Find it: Timeline > Offer, Event+ link > Milestone.
  11. Use Facebook Live (live streaming video).
  12. Test out various media types: video, audio, written.
  13. Include a CTA button (Call to Action) – “Book Now”, “Call Now”, “Donate Now”. To add a call-to-action to your Page, click the blue “Add a Button” box.
  14. ASK for a response in posts, ask for reviews.
  15. Recycle past successful content.
  16. Promote your social media on your website – put links FROM your website TO your Facebook page. Also put your website address on your Facebook page.
  17. Utilize Facebook Polls.
  18. Share from Instagram – link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
  19. Create a Facebook Group.
  20. Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts. Use a calendar to manage posting times and log engagement.
  21. Schedule posts using Facebook’s tool – click the down-arrow next to the Publish button to adjust the timing.
  22. Measure the success: free tools Facebook Insights.