Why Choose CeJay Websites & Photography?

The goal of our website development company is to make your website a unique looking marketing tool for your business or organization. Today’s websites need to be the hub of information for a business, while interacting with your social media and other advertising strategies.

To stay high in search engine results, your website needs a consistent infusion of updated content.  An easy-to-use content management system makes adding new content and updating your website quick and efficient.

CeJay builds WordPress websites that use a professional, customized theme. The theme is the component that makes your site unique looking. The theme we use is highly flexible in design and layout – as well as easy to make updates and new pages of content.

When you are looking for a new website for your business or organization, you should consider the following:


  • Design – colors, unique backgrounds, fonts and column layouts can be adjusted for your content
  • Plugin compatibility – you need the ability to add extra functionality easily and creatively in your site


  • An easy way to create pages, update content and manage “media”, your images and videos
  • The text editor should allow you to use headers and paragraphs, as well as other techniques, to make your text appealing to read
  • Logical navigation so visitors and search engines can easily navigate your website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) made easy –  from naming your images for search engines and accessibility (TTS readers) to plugins that help you write focused, clear content
  • Ecommerce and online payments – secure and fast shopping and purchasing experience for your customers and easy tracking of products and customers for you
  • Social media interaction:
    • Allow articles you write to be automatically pushed to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Business/Plus, YouTube, and other accounts.
    • Allow visitors to easily share and rate your articles
    • Allow visitors to easily visit your social media pages


Security: because WordPress is so popular around the world, it is also a popular target for hackers. (Sadly, we also see attempts at the “plain-ole” HTML websites now too.)

  • CeJay uses a researched and tested combination of plugins and methods to keep your site safe from intrusion
  • All our WordPress websites are maintained 4 times a year – we check the latest WordPress updates, update the theme and plugins, then check through your site to make sure nothing has “broken”. This service also keeps things running smoothly for you when you work in your site.

Training:  we train you how to use your website! We get you started at your site launch. Then, we’re here for you when you have questions or need a refresher.

Consulting:  Need help learning HOW to make your website the centerpiece of your marketing? We can consult with you on that also – or manage your marketing strategy for you.

Cost: When considering a WordPress website, it is important to decide how it fits into your marketing budget. Set goals for your website and your other advertising methods. Evaluate the ROI (return on investment) and determine a plan of action.

Website costs to consider:

  • Initial build fee
  • Domain and hosting renewal fees (plus SSL, an upcoming requirement by Google for all sites)
  • Any “pro-level” plugins used that require a yearly renewal fee
  • CeJay’s quarterly maintenance fees ($45/quarter, $180/year, small additional fee for shopping carts)
  • Merchant fees (if you run a shopping cart)
Developing a website is an important part of marketing your business or organization. You want your site to reflect your branding in looks and message – and you want to be able to keep it up-to-date with your advertising and marketing strategies.

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