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We will help you develop and maintain a strategy for your Internet presence!

What We Do

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok, NextDoor, etc.

  • Set up social media sites for your business
  • Post to your Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc)
  • Create and monitor paid advertisements on Social Media, Google and other websites of interest to your market
  • Maintain your site for best Search Engine Optimization
  • Manage your site / brand reputation on the Internet

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  • A Post: is ONE image with text that is used FOR EACH social media website.
  • Videos must be provided unless otherwise indicated.
Do not count social media websites separately.
Such as Facebook, Pinterest, NextDoor, Instagram, etc
Will you provide the images?
Yes: add $25 ea
Will you provide the topic or content?
No: add $10 ea
$50 per 15 seconds of video, $50 min charge.
Would you like to add a once-per-month Newsletter, curated by us on the topic of your choice?
Yes: add $150 ea
Would you like to add a once-per-month Newsletter created by you?
Yes: add $50 ea

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Maximum file size: 20MB

More Services

Search Engine Optimization

Edit your website with the best code, key words and key phrases so your website looks better to search engines.

Directory Listings

Submitting your business name and contact information to online directory services and trade specific directories.

Social Media campaigns

Set up only the ones you can regularly maintain!

Newsletters & Blogging

Create a Newsletter that is put on your website as a Blog and emailed to your customer list.  Your Blog is also put on your social media websites.

You write it, or we can write it!

Trade Reporting

Write a white paper to an informational site specific to your industry.  We can help you develop and write these 800 word, keyword / keyphrase specific reports.

Then, put your report on your website to collect leads. To download the “e-book” users provide their name and email

Print media advertising

Display ads, brochures, business stationary, all must include your website URL (address)


Our partners can help create videos for YouTube, Tik Tok and other mediums

TV & Radio

We can help you coordinate a production company and insure poignant content.

Measure Your Results and ROI

We track your traffic, the number of opens clicks, and interactions to tell you what facets of your marketing plan are working and what are not. Tweaking your Internet presence is easy and quick; far more economical to adjust than print media.

Transform YOUR Vision Into Reality